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Have you ever opened up a Fortune cookie and say… Hmm! That makes sense! Than what did you do? Looked at the back and see what your lucky numbers were? Maybe belched because you ate too much? Or just paid the bill and didn’t give it another thought. What would happen if we started to live our lives in accordance to the sayings on those little pieces of paper? I say let’s find out! Let’s see if we can put into practice the “advice” and create some positive changes in our lives. I’M IN!!!  How bout you? Unless you are perfectly happy. It’s hard to change but impossible to live with out it. Someone smarter than me once said that. So what do you need to change? That’s for you to figure out and how to. Hopefully, this blog will help to jump-start those efforts, yours as well as mine. Check out the Recent Posts at the bottom of this page!  Enjoy!!!

Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!!!

May all your cookies have good fortunes!

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