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Is it that simple?


fortune cookie


Is it that simple? Is it really that simple? It hit me while I was sitting there eating my 7th fortune cookie… and all the little papers that come inside scattered on the table. With nothing left to do, I started reading them. I don’t know if it was the sugar content, but they started making some sense. And I was thinking, Ya know… if you put some of the stuff that they were saying into practice, your life might end up o.k.  Henceforth, came the brain child for this blog. I never was a writer… and I’m surely not some self proclaimed Self-Help Guru, although I believe in personal develoment.  Classic books by Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, and Zig Ziglar are definitely on everyone’s to read list, but  I am choosing the fortune cookie because of it’s sheer simplicity. My intentions for writing this blog is to take some of the quotes, sayings, and little snips of insight that come in the inside of those cookies and write about and maybe put what they are trying to tell us into practice to make our lives better in some way. If I help someone along the way, maybe by giving you a kick in the pants to get your life (and mine at the same time) moving in the right direction, well there’s a plus. I’ve already started applying some of the “advice”, and I gotta tell you, I can start to see a difference in me and it feels good. I just have to find a new Chinese restaurant because I’ve been banned for taking all the cookies. (They didn’t understand that I needed material)

Anyway, I hope you get something good from these posts. Maybe even a good laugh. And please feel free to comment, critique, or suggest a topic and maybe together we can help each other figure out how to be a better you, or me, or us. I wanna know how  they get those papers inside the cookie.

Time to Wok & Woll, Baby!!!

May good fortune come your way!      

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