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“You are a bundle of energy always on the go”

fortune cookie

How often do we just have those times that we are sitting around doing nothing? Some of you are probably saying ‘Ya, right! I barely have time to breathe. Do nothing? Sure! I should be so lucky! I remember not too many years ago when our kids were growing, they were in school, and involved in sports. I was coaching them in baseball, and softball and basketball… after working all day. And then on days when they had nothing I was picking up side jobs to make a little extra cash. All of a sudden those days, years have stopped. At first it was like ” Man… this feels good! I can kick back! Take a breather. Hey, we all need to rest a bit. It can really catch up to you after awhile. But I gotta tell you, I really do miss those times… being involved and on the go! In some ways, it gave me a sense of being involved, alive, and a sense of importance. Not that I was saving nations by coaching youth sports but I think you get the idea. We need to stay involved, do something instead of sitting around the house and watching the grass grow. My mind gets like mash potatoes sometimes when I’m in stagnation mode. There’s no purpose or direction or focus in what I’m doing. Just wandering around…bumping into furniture. This year has been particularly bad here in the Northeast and a lot of the country with the hostile weather we had and still having in some areas. I know that puts a damper on plans and spirits as well. That make it even a little more important to find things to keep yourself on the go! What’s the saying… “an object in motion tends to stay in motion.”  That’s so true. The problem 1) getting in motion, then 2) getting motivated to stay in motion. Take exercise for instance, how many start and then easily get knock off the horse after a short period of time. Maybe that wasn’t that great of an example. But the challenge with what ever you are doing is to stay in motion. So the trick is to find the things you like, and are passionate about, and enjoy doing and keep doing it. And of course you’ll get set back a bit at times… think of it as a breather.. but don’t let it go to long because the longer you wait to get back the harder it will take to get motivated to do it. I did that with school when I was taking some classes for my licensing for the electrical trade. I took breaks in between classes and it was tough to get back to it.

So what to do

Hey, that’s up to you to decide what you wanna do. Maybe the thing to do is to just try to keep yourself busy. I’m not talking about things that are physically exhausting. But find your niche, your thing, be involved… join a club or association, get a hobby, don’t just sit around waiting for the doorbell to ring and someone say Hey, c’mon and join me! If that’s the case then … DING, DONG!  Now go answer the door… it could be opportunity!

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Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!

May all your cookies have good fortunes!

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“God will give you everything you want”

fortune cookie

I was once told there are a few things that you absolutely do not discuss with anyone… politics, religion or sports. I was a little taken back when this fortune came out of the cookie. Not that I was offended, on the contrary. Just a little surprised. Then, of course, those creative writing juices started flowing (I really just had to pee). So I grabbed my morning cup of coffee and started pondering what the hell to write about this week.

I was raised in a Roman Catholic family. We went to church every Sunday, then Mom would cook a big Sunday dinner. I’ll tell you, those were special times with family and I miss those days.  We were taught back then to be good, pray to God, and ask Him for His forgiveness so we could live in peace. I’m not saying that’s good, bad or indifferent. And I’m sure not getting religion on anybody. Just how it was. Seems we were always asking for forgiveness… I guess we were bad (well maybe my older brothers and sister were). Oh and by the way… I do believe in God.

OK… So what’s the point!

We always think in terms of money or possessions when we talk about wants. God will give us everything we Want! I remember my father always saying ‘God helps those that help themselves’. Back then, that sounded like one of the corniest things that I have ever heard. Of course, whatever your parents did or said was corny, right? Right. Ok…where was I? Oh yeah…material possessions, money. That’s where our thinking is at. Hey, everyone wants to be comfortable…me included. Who wants their lives to be a struggle all the time? Ok… So what’s the point?!!! I’m thinkin bout that. Getting back to my dad and his corny saying…. God helps those that help themselves. This is one time when I think Dad was right. ( Actually, he had a lot of righteous moments that only now I can admit he was right) Not to get religion on anybody… or if you sit around and pray all day for something it will materialize right before your very eyes. But I truly believe that if you are out there, doing good, getting off your dead ass, helping others, helping your own situation out with action, be a positive influence to others, that good will come your way… and in abundance, too! Will you get everything you want? Maybe not. How about everything we could possibly need? Now that’s not so bad, is it?

Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!

May all your cookies have good fortunes

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“Life’s a Mountain not a Beach”


fortune cookie

Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska is one of the most majestic sights to see… if you can see it. It is roughly 21,000 feet at it’s highest peak and from about 7,000 feet up it is white, that’s because  it is  ice covered, which gives it that look. The mountain is barely visible. It’s so high and it’s northern location add to the fact that it creates its own weather patterns. Because of this, there are only a few days during the year that you can actually see it and only about 30% of it… if you are lucky, as we we’re told. Well, we lucked out that day! Yes, that’s us in the foreground and the mountain in the back. (Why did I have to tell you that)

Alaska 2011 368

Anyway, beautiful sight and many have climbed it over the years…some successfully, others… not so successfully. Ok… so why  the history lesson? (I love history) Because if history teaches us anything, ( and I mean our own personal history, hint, hint…wink, wink) its that most things, most wants, most desires, most of our dreams are not going to come gift wrapped. We are going to have to, dare I say, work a little for them and possibly fail a few times, before we start to experience some successes. I’ve noticed that a lot of times, things that come easily are not long lived… (i.e. …people who hit the lottery ending up broke and worse off, although I would like to experience that. Let’s face it… most will not experience that so let’s stick to our struggling for now) But failure is not, necessarily, a bad thing. Another history lesson here. (I told you I love history) Sir Winston Churchill said, Success is not final… Failure is not fatal. I like his cigars. It’s how we approach these failures that will determine if we will continue to the Promised Land. Are we gonna whine, and cry, and kick and scream like an infant who doesn’t get his way ( done plenty of that myself), or take it in stride and learn from it (history…again)?  That’s up to you. Hey, I’m no philosophizer. I’m a working stiff!

Mountain to the Beach

That’s what that damned cookie should have said. Get over that Mountain to get to the BEACH! Now that’s a fortune cookie!!! I think what this all means is that you will appreciate the beach much more because you know what you had to go through to get there. And you know what, most of our struggles are probably in our own heads. But, Hey, I’m no philosophizer. You already knew that!

Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!

May all your cookies have good fortunes!

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“Come back later… I am sleeping (yes, cookies need their sleep, too)”

fortune cookieReally?… I mean C’mon!!! Come Back Later?   I gotta tell you. The fortune cookies I’ve been opening up lately have been some real boners. A few were just nonsensical and then I come across this one. I really was starting to get in a panic because I know my fan base (all 3 of them) would be so disappointed if they come to my page on Sunday and nothing new appeared. Bummer!!!   So I was about to go Back To Sleep and I had that  AH HA moment!. How brilliant. Come Back Later… I Am Sleeping.

Sometimes rest is what we need

Sometimes rest is what we need. (Didn’t I just say that) Well, I think it was worth repeating. We all need a break at times. We are out there… working, taking the kids (or grandkids in my case) all around creation, other family obligations, trying to create a lifestyle for ourselves. Go, Go, Go … Hurry, Hurry. Hurry!!! No wonder we’ve become a society depended on Meds to get through. What happened to some good old fashion rest? I don’t mean be lazy. I mean  a break from what is happening in your daily lives. Easier said then done but it probably, no definitely, is what the doctor ordered. ( Dr. Piccirillo… I kinda like that…It’s an honorary title, of course) One way I break away from the daily routine is this Blog. It keeps me fresh and it’s something I look forward to. So maybe you need to find something where you can take a mini vacation (don’t mean travel) from. Get away from  being around the hustle and bustle. Everyone looks forward to the weekend to do things. Just seems the natural thing because of the work week. I know many who are busier on the weekend with all the other things I mentioned before… family, etc.  Now those are important and we all have those obligations. You don’t have to look far to find a distraction. Join a club or association. Yoga or meditation classes. Exercise classes. Hey go for walks. Get the point… tell someone to Come back later… I am sleeping!!!  Sometimes we are so close to the elephant all we can see is gray.( I’m not sure who said that so I’ll take the credit) Step back from the elephant so you can see everything else in the picture. There are other things in our world to enjoy. So take a break from whatever you are rapped up in… and get some rest!

Time to Wok n Woll, Baby

May all your cookies have good fortunes

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