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” It’s Better to be the Hammer than the Anvil”

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O.K…  so i haven’t put pen to paper in a while… actually fingers to computer keyboard… but you get the point. And to refresh people’s memories, and mine as well, I try to write about and explain, if you will, what the fortunes in Fortune Cookies are trying to tell us. So I’ve had this one hanging around for awhile and noticed it this morning and said ‘Why the hell not? ‘ So here we go again… let me start Blogging again. ( That and the fact that I’m paying to have this site so I may as well use it)  Anywho… It’s Better to be the Hammer than the Anvil… Get them before the get you, right?  There you go… see you next week!  Hope this was helpful!  Of course, I’m being sarcastic here. That’s not what this means at all. But I bet you know a lot of people who may live by that sort of thinking. I know I sure do. Maybe they have been hardened by circumstances in their lives and probably developed that “Get them first” philosophy because of that fact. It’s not good to let others walk all over you and I totally buy into that. But there is really know need to be , excuse the phrases, a prick or a bitch ( which ever applies) towards everyone and every situation you encounter. There are ways of standing your ground or sticking to your guns without being totally nasty and obnoxious towards others.  We, especially here in the USA, have become much too tolerate and submissive to the wants of others, be it culturally, religiously, or socially. What am saying is that we bend over for a small majority of people that bitch and moan about their wants and entitlements. WOW, that’s way off subject here. But I write’em as I think about’em. (  Guess I just gave up my political views)  Back to the Blog. ANVIL vs. HAMMER.  The anvil takes the brunt of the hit. And many times we are the anvil, metaphorically speaking. We, me included, need to be a little tougher at times and in the right way. Not by being a nasty, obnoxious, whiny person but by believing and living by certain standards of right and wrong. Sometimes we need to turn the other cheek but not when it really matters. We often give in to others because we don’t want to a) hurt their feelings b) get into an argument, c) get into a fight (physically), d) all of the above. So we tend to back down cause we think we are being polite. Sometimes ( a lot of the time) we need to stick to our guns because ‘Hey… our views or thinking or rights aren’t any less important than the next person. ‘   Right? Of course I’m right. This is my Blog!  Anyway to conclude this mess I just wrote does the Hammer have the right to impose his will on others… of course not. But there are times when we need to stand up for and let others know that our being does matter.


Which are you?

Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!

May all your cookies have good fortunes

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