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This Blog was not established to be some magic bullet that will cure life’s most daunting and challenging issues. Nor is it touted as the latest and greatest self-help, personal development program. Lord knows I don’t have the credentials ( or the Kahonees… not sure if I spelled that right so sound it out) to put myself out there as a self-help guru. There are plenty of great teachers and mentors out there. And I’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn myself from some of the best. I will from time to time throw there names around here for reference and recommendation purposes. I started this Blog, I think, more for myself than any other reason. And that reason is to get out of my Comfort Zone… to do something different, totally away from my “normal”  activities and ways of thinking. Growth, whether personal  financial or spiritual usually comes from stepping out of the norm (or box, if you will). And to most, including myself, that can be challenging if not downright frightening. So, hopefully, I can add some insight thru humor and maybe give you (and me) a good swift kick in the pants to stop wasting our lives and grow into something great… instead of a head of cabbage!

Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!

May all your cookies have good fortunes!

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