“God will give you everything you want”

fortune cookie

I was once told there are a few things that you absolutely do not discuss with anyone… politics, religion or sports. I was a little taken back when this fortune came out of the cookie. Not that I was offended, on the contrary. Just a little surprised. Then, of course, those creative writing juices started flowing (I really just had to pee). So I grabbed my morning cup of coffee and started pondering what the hell to write about this week.

I was raised in a Roman Catholic family. We went to church every Sunday, then Mom would cook a big Sunday dinner. I’ll tell you, those were special times with family and I miss those days.  We were taught back then to be good, pray to God, and ask Him for His forgiveness so we could live in peace. I’m not saying that’s good, bad or indifferent. And I’m sure not getting religion on anybody. Just how it was. Seems we were always asking for forgiveness… I guess we were bad (well maybe my older brothers and sister were). Oh and by the way… I do believe in God.

OK… So what’s the point!

We always think in terms of money or possessions when we talk about wants. God will give us everything we Want! I remember my father always saying ‘God helps those that help themselves’. Back then, that sounded like one of the corniest things that I have ever heard. Of course, whatever your parents did or said was corny, right? Right. Ok…where was I? Oh yeah…material possessions, money. That’s where our thinking is at. Hey, everyone wants to be comfortable…me included. Who wants their lives to be a struggle all the time? Ok… So what’s the point?!!! I’m thinkin bout that. Getting back to my dad and his corny saying…. God helps those that help themselves. This is one time when I think Dad was right. ( Actually, he had a lot of righteous moments that only now I can admit he was right) Not to get religion on anybody… or if you sit around and pray all day for something it will materialize right before your very eyes. But I truly believe that if you are out there, doing good, getting off your dead ass, helping others, helping your own situation out with action, be a positive influence to others, that good will come your way… and in abundance, too! Will you get everything you want? Maybe not. How about everything we could possibly need? Now that’s not so bad, is it?

Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!

May all your cookies have good fortunes

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