“Happiness is not Pleasure, it’s Victory”

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So what is happiness? And what is it that makes you happy? It’s probably different for different people. It could be an activity that you do. Or your work. Maybe a relationship. Having money or material possessions. Some of the above. All of the above. I guess happiness is just a state of being. Something inside you that says you are in the right place, at this moment, doing whatever it is that is making you feel good. Let’s face it… we don’t live in a perfect world and there is plenty out there to distract, annoy, and just make you feel not so good. But you do have a choice. And I think that is what most of the Blogs I’ve been posting is about… choices. Because your attitude is really one of the only things, if not the only thing you truly have control over. You can choice to be happy or miserable.  Does that sound too simple? Well, if it’s so simple than why isn’t everyone happy? Remember, I said simple, not easy. There are probably many different reasons for “why”. But ultimately it comes down to us.  It starts with YOU!!!  You can choose to be happy in your daily living or not. I think the reason more are not happy in their lives is because they follow or listen to others. It’s easy to do. And we all know that negative multiplies faster than positive. Misery loves company! And it’s easy to fall into that pattern. Being positive takes more effort, and who wants to put out more effort? So what to do? Don’t follow the Followers! Again, simply…not so easy. We need to be our own person… not someone else. And you need to be comfortable in your own skin. Like yourself for God’s sakes! Your not so bad. Maybe a little rough around the edges but so what. I just read on Facebook, I think, someone posted about things to do or not to do to become successful and one is don’t talk bad about yourself. We can all stop doing that. That IS easy!!!  Why would you bad mouth yourself. So it does start with YOU. See… I’m pretty frickin smart, right?  I know, again simple, not easy… but Victory does not always come gift wrapped, we have to work at it… so get to work, be happy, and enjoy the spoils of that Victory!!!  And be HAPPY!!! Like the song says…

Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!

May all your cookies have good Fortunes!

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