Imagine this…

Imagine that you have a vested interest in NetFlix. There are roughly 26 million subscribers. And Imagine that you make a penny every time someone goes on their computer, tablet or smart phone and rents a movie. Now Imagine that on a given day 1 million movies are rented. ( That’s $10,000 if you do the math ) Let’s be conservation. Imagine if that is in one month. Not a bad month’s pay, right?

Now imagine this…

Imagine a few hundred if not a few thousand people go on their computer, tablet, or smart phone and for around a dollar,creates a real paper greeting card (birthday, anniversary, thank you, etc.) delivered by the post office, on a given day. But instead of earning a penny on each, you make .05-.30 cents on each one.   Imagine!    Now that’s not bad either. Maybe sounds like that is down the road sometime.
Well it is. In about a month from now!!!

Now imagine this…

You are able to take advantage of something like this. Well you can!!!
Sound unrealistic. Well it’s not!!! Great things never come from being realistic. The Revolution has started and there is plenty of room.

“Time to Wok n Woll, Baby!


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